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Чит клиент Mars для майнкрафта

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GUI: Minus (-), Right-Shift, Grave (~) or Equals (=)
Default Command Prefix: .
List Commands: .help

AntiAFK – jumps automagically every 8 seconds to prevent you from automatically going AFK.
AntiHurtcam – stops your screen from flinching when taking damage.
AntiVelocity – stops all velocity upon hit.
ArrayList – displays all enabled modules on the right-upper side of the screen.
AutoClick – automagically clicks your mouse (configurable). Be careful whilst using this module!
AutoMine – automagically mines the current faced block.
AutoRespawn – automagically respawns upon death.
AutoSoup – automagically consumes soup in KitPvP. (configurable)
AutoTool – automagically switches to the best tool on block hit. (configurable)
AutoWalk – automagically walks forward.
Brightness – turns darkness into lightness.
ChestESP – draws OpenGL boxes around chests in range.
Criticals – jumps upon entity hit.
Dolphin – swims for you.
FactionFinder – the faction map exploit, easier to use. (not officially tested yet)
FastLadder – makes you climb ladders faster.
FastPlace – allows you to place blocks faster. (configurable)
Flight – your average flight. (configurable)
Freecam – allows you to explore the world outside of your body.
HorseJump – full horse jump power.
KillAura – aims & attacks entities in range. (configurable)
Legit – hides all Mars screen components.
NoBlind – removes the pumpkin blur, blindness and confusion.
NoCheat – configures the client to be nocheat appropriate.
NoFall – revokes all fall damage.
NoSwing – other players don’t know that you’re swinging your arm.
Phase – allows you to glitch through things.
PotionThrow – throws bad potions at other players.
PvPLog – logs you out at 1 heart.
Refill – Sends the /soup command every 15 seconds when your health changes.
Sneak – holds SHIFT (or the set sneak key) for you.
Sprint – sprints when moving forward.
Step – steps up a block or the amount of specified blocks for you. (configurable)
Tracers – draws lines to other players. (configurable)
Triggerbot – attacks the currently faced entity.
XRay – just your average XRay. (configurable)
Zoom – zooms in & out. Useful for spying. (configurable. You can also use the UP & DOWN arrow keys to adjust the zoom rate)

Инструкция по установке:
1) Разархивировать
2) Скинуть папку с файлами (именно папку, в которой будет два файла, а не еще одна папка) в папку по адресу %appdata% => roaming => .minecraft => versions
3) Приятной игры
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